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I grew up in a small town full of writers and always knew reading and writing would be a special part of my life. What I didn’t suspect was how far away from home I would go! I’ve been traveling all over the world for the last decade. I’ve lived in Europe, South America, and in various parts of Asia. You can check out my travels and adventures here.


The more I traveled, the more my understanding of “place” was shaped by local literature. Although befriending locals is a great way to learn about other cultures, lifestyles, and beliefs, there is still so much that can be learned from reading. A novel gives you unique and intimate insights into someone’s world.


My life has been largely dominated by combining my love of other cultures with my love of reading and writing. At 22, I started teaching ESL in Prague. After I returned to Chicago and getting my Master’s in Middle Eastern Studies, I started working in different aspects of the education sphere.


I worked as a consultant for the Indian government’s Department of Education, I began building up my own freelancing editing company in Buenos Aires while I wrote my first novel (anyone know any publishers?), and I worked as an academic coach for high-achieving high schoolers in Beijing. 


Currently, I am teaching academic writing and literature remotely through two Chinese organizations while I wait for news about my PhD candidature (in literature, of course)!       


With all my traveling, discussions of identity and home have a special place in my heart.